Treatment programs and avoiding disappointing outcomes…

I’m your Expert

A potential big heartache for any family choosing to use a welcoming treatment program is disappointing outcomes. That said does it need to be, or are disappointing outcomes avoidable?

ANSWER : Mistakes are avoidable. The #1 reason for failure happens when parents ‘go it alone’ and take the word of the facility, don’t ask the right questions of the admissions team, and decide ‘on the spot’ that this is the ‘best’ option for their child, teen, or young adult.

CONCLUSION: Use a dual LICENSED educational psychologist and licensed psychologist, familiar with the various treatment and education facilities, one who is EXPERIENCED / TRAINED in both assessment and program placement.

ADVICE: Take guess work out from the equation : Hire the best! 

Dr Mark Burdick 

Wilderness Therapy Provides Youth A Safe Setting to Reflect & Mature

Here’s the opportunity for your daughter or son to “shine” in both the sunlight and the moonlight — to experience themselves, to reflect on their goals, to work on their conflicts and dissapointments with trained staff and peer just like them. We provide the exact fit for your teen or young adult to find that place within themselves to treasure. A copy of my ebook is provided to every family who follows our recommendation, and we promise results.

London Calling!

I, along with many others that includes Ian Young sharing cake (see photo below) from Phuket Thailand (PARc) are at Lee Fitzgerald’s recovery conference in London promoting our international ventures and universal values. Addiction is a global phenomenon, and one that impairs the condition and lifestyles of so many individuals. There are no easy answers with conditional outcomes depending on factors within and outside one’s control. The take away from the conference is that compassion is regularly and importantly transmitted within secure, safe settings where those suffering from addiction can get better — better, by recognizing the weaknesses within themselves and using their strengths, along with the strengths of others to beat the beast called addiction. Empirical driven evidence available from us.

Smart phones & psychosis: Are they mutually exclusive?

Our mobiles drive us crazy, right? Surprise surprise. Cell phones may also keep us sane, by providing a sense of belonging, a lesser sense of isolation — or at least we’d like to think so.

With any of such popular studies, none that are replicable hold up. They are likely less fact based than simply possibilities. However, like placebos, if people find certain things useful, then that’s worth something. is the study — tell others what you think. In the meantime, if you are addicted to using digital devices and such, there are programs designed for such compulsive behavior. Inquire within: the Doctor is in house.

Child Custody and Education — is it in the “best interest of your child” ?

Education analysis of best interest of the child in family custody matters continues to be fraught with errors: many custody evaluators who are hired to address the best interest of the child in education or school matters simply are not trained, and more than often not licensed to do the work, and far less have training and licensure in combination to be considered expert in their work.

For this reason, evaluators are turning to outside experts in education to bolster their own roles and reports, consciously understanding it’s the ethical thing to do in meeting the legal requirement of “best interest of the child.” Education today is far more of a complex issue than previously considered within the realm of custody evaluations. Families move away to other states, other nations, and then back again with children not only requiring specialized supports, but consistent and challenging education to transition seamlessly across geographic landscapes.

Do your best — only hire the best who is trained and experienced to work in the “best interest” of your child and family in finding education options that work.

That professional is Dr Burdick. Contact our offices today to discuss your family matter of importance.