About Dr. Burdick

Welcome to our practice. Burdick Psychological & Placement Services is more than a service. It is a professional relationship for the people that have been helped through sensitive and ethical commitment to human integrity for over 25 years. From assessment services to placement in specialized settings, BPS is known for assisting clients to navigate through the maze of school and program confusion to provide a very select and stylized form of educational or treatment planning. From independent & public schools to therapeutic communities, and to expert consultation, Burdick Psychological & Placement Services is there to provide options. We hope we can be of service, and please read the featured text of this website for free advice.

Dual licensed as both an educational (LEP 2429) and licensed psychologist (18063), Dr. Burdick has served as chair of the Board of Behavioral Sciences of the State of California, and is founder of Burdick Psychological and Placement Services (www.DrBurdick.com). In addition Dr. Burdick serves in the capacity of E.U. Agent, and Independent Educational Consultant, in touring and regularly communicating with programs domestically and internationally. Finding the perfect program for the individual and the their family is his mission, whether in the US or abroad.

He is a graduate of The American School in Lugano, Switzerland, and has traveled extensively: investigating schools & programs worldwide for over forty years. Why settle for someone with less expertise and training?