Legal Assessment

Forensic assessments require diligence and commitment unlike some more academic forms of psychology. Dr. Burdick has practiced in this arena for years, and is considered an expert in both court rooms and hearing rooms.

To do this, Dr. Burdick attends specialized symposiums by invitation to participate and sharpen forensic skills with attorneys, psychiatrists, and other forensic specialists. He is well known both throughout the State of California and nationally for his skills as a diagnostician, and regularly is called upon for expert witness in criminal and civil cases. Ethics bound, Dr. Burdick served as the Chair, State of California Board of Behavioral Sciences, the board overseeing mental health practitioners for the State of California. Dr. Burdick is a member of the American College of Forensic Psychology, a professional College that certifies practicing forensic psychologists and psychiatrists, and attorneys who litigate civil and criminal cases involved in psychological evaluation and expert testimony within the legal system.

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