COVID makes International Placements ‘tricky’

Years ago I remember my mother and me in the Hilton Cairo hotel when a 3 day ‘unrest’ broke out. No one was to go in or out and of course no one knew how long the unrest would last. Fortunately, it did not last long and life returned to normal.

Not so with COVID. Things will look different for the next decade as we consider the challenges to this virus, but to others that could crop up and the need to stay vigilant. Still the world is not standing still, and life is not over. In uniquely different ways, I believe it will open up with a vengeance in overseas travel.

Each placement is unique. This month, I have had three international placements, between the UAE, Europe, the UK and the US. All involve young people with unique needs that can’t be met in their home country in a meaningful therapeutic way. In putting in hours upon hours of consult, I know the concerns parents are experiencing during this time in thinking “what am I doing sending my child away to a boarding school.”

That’s why I am here to support. In living years overseas where I attended boarding schools myself, I know first hand the challenges and the excitement, and I do believe the schools with whom I’m referring are taking the necessary steps to keep the kids moving forward while keeping them safe.

Schools are operating within a ‘range of normal‘ with classes resuming and learning returning with alterations in such things as sports and activities with other schools. Administration is stepping up safety measures while teachers provide exceptional teaching. It is an excellent time to consider boarding, particularly with developing children who only have this time to meet their developing needs. Let us know of how we can help figure out how to maximize your child’s potential in an academic and therapeutic setting. Email or call today!