Why a Licensed Educational Psychologist in Court?

NY Supreme Court Expert Testimony Oct 2022

The purpose of my professional involvement in the court is particularly critical when questions of school choice are involved. Recently, a question of least restrictive environment (LRE) was entered into court discussion around a special education student. The question from the one parent of whether her child would emulate the behavior of others in a more restrictive setting where behavioral outbursts were often, yet unpredictable, resonated. Mood stability was not an ongoing issue for the daughter who had more learning challenges due to physical limitations. After my presentation and much discussion, the family law judge was able to understand the population making up the restrictive classroom setting, and agreed with my analysis that mainstream classes were more appropriate in providing better learning opportunity for the daughter. This is just one of many examples where a licensed practitioner is of value to helping the court determine ”best interests” of the child. For more information on our expert court educational services visit www.drmarkburdick.com.