“Out of My Mind” by Alan Arkin

I’ve recently been listening to an audio book by Alan Arkin called “Out of My Mind”. I don’t know if you know him, he’s an actor. He’s suggesting  each of us come to the earth with her or his own unique agenda; and somewhere along the way we as the creators of this agenda miss the opportunity to listen to that internal voice and implement what we can create for ourselves. It includes destiny decisions such as marriage and family, as well as education / vocation. So it’s a little heavy, a type of “journey” work for sure. But I think it has some traction for some of our families. I’d love to hear from you on this “journey” work and particularly if you’ve read Alan Arkin’s book: What do you think of his “Out of My Mind” concepts on this subject of birth with unique agendas that we create? Together we can bring meaning to the lives of your family members, not just the ones with behavior or emotional problems. I often collaborate with an outstanding therapist in these cases, Neil Brown. Together we make sense of what families are going through, and working together find successful outcomes of purposeful meaning. Contact us if you’re interested in moving your family forward…

We do house calls!

Everybody knows how difficult sometimes it is to get family out of the home and on to their future. Whether it’s from assisting a daughter or son to understand that a boarding school might be in their own best interest, or an older teen to look in the mirror and discover that a outdoor therapeutic experience would be very beneficial, or an older family member to looking at how recovery within a residential treatment center would be easier; all of these scenarios require a concierge approach to assist in individual to “move forward” in their wellbeing, in their lives. Enter Dr Burdick.

Dr Burdick has had tremendous success in helping family move forward: For example, one young person we will call “Tameric” who stayed put 24/7 within the confines of his bedroom playing incessant computer games, and when his parents shut down the wifi, Tameric resorted to camping out in a neighbor’s garage to sponge off the neighbor’s wife and continue the gaming. Clearly obsessive – compulsive behavior.

After a Skype call to outline how he could help, Dr Burdick came to the home and observed Tameric’s treasured lifestyle within his environment and spent time to get to understand the complexity and the level of his infatuation in the game. This assisted in the family in taking a break from identifying Tameric as the patient and looking at the family dynamic as a whole. It worked, and Tameric sped off to a program with their parents feeling hopeful and empowered.

Call Us Today. The Holidays are approaching and are often the most problematic. We can help assist to outline what needs to happen to get the entire family to a healthier place, on to engage in a brighter future.

Business + Employee Benefits + DrB = SUCCESS

I’m your Expert

I am proud of FlapJack in Köln for requesting my services to help with an employee experiencing stress. Known as the American Psychologist, licensed in Europe it is important for the addiction / mental health professional to recognize the cultural differences —not only of the individuals but of the culture of business in these matters.

Moreover, it is important for business to recognize the trend here of stress involving workers these days. It’s a global concern. And it recognizes how stress manifests in work productivity to social isolation to an individual’s function.

Here’s how it worked:
* 1 hr of intense conversation with partners to discuss the nature of the concern, likelihood of benefit to intervene, and the outcome expectations.
* 1 hr of preparation to locate appropriate tests in German to evaluate the individual’s possible motivation to change
* 1 hr of evaluation in working with the individual and providing aftermath treatment plan involving local practitioners (no international or resort destination).
* 2 hr conversation with partners to discuss changes in the business ecosystem to adjust current work conditions to help alleviate stress with fellow workers.
* 2 hr follow up with individual to provide direction, support, and follow through with recommendations.

…..I will follow up this post with an outcome summary on how I / we performed in bringing about organizational as well as individual change.

“Business, like a family is an egg, an organism. The better you treat it, the healthier the yolk becomes” — Burdick 2019

Digitally Addicted Kids? A Place that Can Help!

Theres a place in Lehi Utah that works with this profile of student and their families who have not found success in working with local therapists and mental health practitioners. 

Take a listen. I am the American Psychologist who can help direct you to the correct program, the therapist, and the aftercare you’ll need for complete success. info@americanpsychologist.nl or drburdick@gmail.com. Our webiste: drburdick.com and americanpsychologist.nl in Europe. 

I have authored a guide to wildereness therapy that you may find helpful. It’s free through Apple Books: 10 steps to Wilderness Therapy. https://itun.es/us/0D7Agb.l 

I have committed my practice with families in need of professional guidance and hope that I can help you find success! 


Dr Mark Burdick 

The American Psychologist

Intervention vs. CRISIS intervention: What’s the difference!

A&E Network

I was hired as a psychologist consultant for The Extractors, a TV series out of Toronto filmed in the US, “crisis” was the focus. Intervention is not to be confused with crisis intervention, a place where time is not a luxury. Typically, the individual is facing arrest, or harm to self or others. In these cases law enforcement (private or public) is present, and consent is obtained ‘on site’ with the individual for the intervention to take place. Yes, the individual may choose to walk away, however with planning around circumstance and process, many times the person makes the right choice for themselves. For someone like Evan “Bullet” Evans, Crisis is the norm, not the oddity. Here is a good conversation with Evan on talk radio to listen: https://goo.gl/vHeKqx.

In more than 50% of the occasions for crisis intervention, mental illness contributes to the continuance of use and consequent negative and serious health, finance, interpersonal fallout. for this reason, and this reason alone hiring a Licensed Interventionist with a mental health background is imperative.

As Bullet says in the podcast, “I believe what we are doing is preventative medicine” is spot – on. I couldn’t agree more. Call us if we can help your loved one facing an addiction, physical or mental health impending crisis.